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LAN, WAN Wireless :

E Net Infotech Solutions provides the expertise, experience, and industry partnerships to help you match your needs to the right technology solutions. We design and deploy LAN and WAN infrastructures that bring your business computing needs alive and meet your budget.

Network Solutions:

Our network solutions comprise of consultation, design, installation and maintenance. Bottom line, if it communicates over IP, you can turn to us.
Our specialist team of experts use their experience in planning, designing, implementation and operation of a secure network and provide you with the ideal assessment of customer requirements. Implementation of these works towards solving your networking requirements.

Backup & Data Storage Solutions :

Evaluating the importance of data on every machine in your organization, we strive to ensure its safe. Our skilled team provide you with the ideal backup and data storage solutions.

UPS & Power Solutions

Power issues can be a deterrent to your ever-growing business. To protect you from this, our UPS & Power Solutions ensure a battery back up to your system the second the power dies out.

Internet Security & Virus Solutions

We understand how valuable information is to you and we do everything within our capabilities to keep it intact. Using recognized Firewall and Antivirus programmes, we ensure your computer is safe at all times.

Email Solutions

Providing a secure platform for the mails you receive is a prerequisite to every company. We resolve all email issues, whilst also keeping control over all inbound and outbound emails.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) :

Making long distance calls at a negligible rate through the internet works best using VOIP devices. This works as the ideal solution to interact with your international clients.

Thin Client Machines :

When space is a constraint or usage on a computer is limited to minimalist functionalities such as data entry or billing using particular pre-installed software, we recommend the Thin Client Machine. This comprises of a monitor, keyboard and a small box with internal memory and a LAN card which is connected to the main server, where it saves the data.

Vpn Solutions & Data Encryption :

VPN Gateways provide key security and data management features. We offer our expertise in providing your diversified organization with Vpn & Data Encryption solutions, ensuring a safe and secure data transfer.



Information & System Audit

After an in-depth analysis of your current network and system, we help you map out the issues you are currently facing and the ideal solutions to overcome the same.

Network Designing

An audit is conducted to get a deeper understanding of your requirements. We provide you with a systematic and logical approach towards mapping out, designing and setting up your network, keeping your exact business requirements in mind.

Facility Management Services (FMS)

We provide you with a Resident Engineer or set up a Helpdesk within your organization premise. This ensures you have all the support and services for your IT needs within your reach.

Rental :

For high-end projects or temporary openings, the need for renting computers and peripherals arises. At E-Net, we have in store a varied range of Personal Computers, Laptops, Routers, Firewalls, Switch, Printers and peripherals which are given on a need-based requirement to clients to ensure they never stop progressing in their business.

On Call Service :

If our AMC does not suit your likeability or you simply need something on an urgent basis, we offer One-Time Visits to your office to resolve any kind of computer related issue you may have and ensure we tackle it at a priority.

Repairs :

We extend our services onto the repair of PCs, laptops, printers and other related paraphernalia due to our in-house experts.

Data Recovery :

The data recovery team is well trained to retrieve any kind of information from your computer. Be it after a hard disk formatting, or an accidental deletion of important files and even if you incur a hard disk failure.

Custom-made Software:

Our software team has capabilities of programming software as per your business requirements, be it for billing, reporting, attendance, etc.


Our designers have developed high-end websites in the corporate world in flash and html, also embedding web 2.0 logics.

Our Testimonial

Mr Vishal

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd I have bee associating with E Net Infotech Solutions over the past three years and have nothing but praise for the quick reaction time, patience, understanding and general level of service that I have received from them. Their staff is highly knowledgeable, polite and quick to respond to any issues I have.

Mr Ashish Pathare

Aga Khan Educational Services India I have worked with E Net Infotech Solutions for over three year now and I have to say that they have been a pleasure to work with. They have understood our business with a keen interest and have subsequently matched our requirements to the optimum level.


Consort Capital Services Pvt. Ltd E-Net has provided us with a number of high end Networking Solutions and Product requirements through the years. What impresses me about E-Net is that they do not just provide the solutions; they provide an integrated service that works closely with us, all at costs which are transparent to us.

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