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Nas Storage Systems

Nas Storage Systems

Network-attached storage is a specialized device used for the storage of files and also serves the nodes of local area network along with a file-based shared storage with the help of a standard Ethernet connection. It provides multiple clients on the network with an access to the same files. It enterprises typically discrete file servers that had to be separately configured and maintained as well.
The appliances of NAS can simply be outfitted with larger disks and can also be clustered together which provide both the vertical scalability as well as horizontal scalability. Our NAS Storage Systems Suppliers in Mumbai provide our customers with an extra layer of redundancy for backing up files which especially includes:

  • Very small device with 1 TB Hard Disk
  • Crash plan 5 User license backup application for Laptop & Desktop.
  • NAS Features to access the data in your laptop, desktop & Smartphone locally.
  • Support DHCP Server & can work as DSL Router & 4 port LAN Switch
  • Access your data using the FTP Server option from anywhere in the world. You need to have static IP address to access the data from anywhere.
  • LAN & Wifi Connection to connect your existing network infrastructure.

We provide a chance to our patrons to choose our products and services according to their own choice. They do the selection of folder according to their needs. Our provided services always help in the continuous protection of data very easily and invisibly. There no need for end users to change our work habits without any user effort. Our services empower a single admin to easily support the backup needs of all the users while enabling end users to quickly as well as easily restoration of data on their own.